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The flag is attached to a post which has Rotary information on the post. Since most folks renew their donation, a permanent metal post holder is placed in the ground so the post can be easily inserted and removed. Periodically we invite an outstanding teacher and student from East High, or Bartlett High, to have lunch with us. During the lunch we bring them up to the podium to recognize them and give them each a check. Bill Miernyk and Lonzo Henderson ably head up this project. On Monday evening, the Foundation Committee met about final details for the Foundation auction this coming January 19. Present included Charlotte Tharp, Barbara Swenson, Lance Wilber, Woody Angst, Michelle Engelke, Bill Ure, Dave Kester, Karen Smith, Carolyn Jones, yours truly and Lynn Shaver. This will be a great event, and I was impressed with the fellowship and teamship that develops among the committee members as the event comes together. Our member Justin Mills is involved in our club’s RYLA program this year. He held a drawing from Adam Sikorski’s hat and Marjorie Poggas was chosen to be a chaperone at the event. Bill Ure is happy to return to Anchorage with a new hip. He praised the Mayo clinic in Scottsdale for their fine work. He also thanked Sally Archer for her assistance in setting up luncheon programs in his absence. Rotary emphasizes the dignity of every vocation and the worth of every calling. Remember that the four founding members included no doctors or peacemakers – just an attorney, a mining engineer, a coal dealer and a printer. From the beginning, the diversity of those vocations gave Rotary a special strength. And that diversity is reflected in our classification system, which aims to ensure that each club represents the full range of businesses and professions that serve each community. Finally, Sargent Rich reminded us to put some money in the yellow cups to help fund the stipend we give to Adam our exchange student. Charlotte Tharp was happy to appreciate our member Gloria Castenada, who regularly greets people at the front door, and recommended a new position in our club for her, as the Director of Happiness. Thanks, Gloria, for helping us set a high tone at our meetings. Jolene Goeden, Supervisory Special Agent, U.S. Department of Justice, Federal Bureau of Investigation, spoke about human trafficking in Alaska, noting that when she started the job, it was basically her alone. Since that time two agents have been added along with an officer from the Anchorage Police Department. Though four people are involved in this area, the human trafficking aspect is only part of their job.

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School was closed for a week, so there was little time before the end of the semester to pull everything together. Bob Cox, chairman of the Foundation committee, and Dan Newman, our auctioneer for the upcoming January 19 Foundation auction, talked about the auction. We sang happy birthday to fellow Rotarians and ate a cake from The Cake Lady. Christian Deykes, co-chair of the Community Service Committee, announced the Mobile Food Pantry which is happening this coming Saturday. Before the meeting I spoke briefly with Reed Smith, who is head of the Anchorage Opera. There is an upcoming Opera event, and we may be able to get singers to entertain us once or twice. The committee may seek some club funds to put together one or more PSAs. Continuing with the solicitation of business cards to place on our website. Dave Kester displayed some of his wardrobe for Anchorage South Rotary’s gala event, including a fedora and gangster like tie to match the theme of the evening. And in preparation for the upcoming AER beer festival, President Paul Paslay submitted this photo showing the “pretentious judge’s award”. Robin Dublin was happy for being on the winning team at the Homer Winter Jamboree Women’s Hockey Tournament over the past weekend.

AER Rotary Christmas Party

Our Dave Kester, who is the Polio Plus Chair for District 5010, introduced speaker Helene Neville. She shared a remarkable story of reacting to cancer diagnoses with strong physical activity that has seen her run marathons and many thousands of miles all over the country, inspiring people with her message to enjoy every day fully and pursue your dreams. She has started running in Alaska, which I think is the only state in which she has not run, and later this year will finish off the project running in far north Alaska. Last November, while I was in Puerto Vallarta, my friends at the Puerto Vallarta Sur Rotary Club put me in touch with the Tepic Paraiso Rotary Club in Tepic, Nayarit. I made a trip to Tepic to meet the members of the Tepic Paraiso Rotary Club and learned they were starting a water filter program for indigenous communities in the mountains and would like more filters to distribute. Dan Bigley grew up in Ohio, California, and Malaysia, where he took up with an acrobatic hip-hop dance troupe and got a black belt in Taekwondo at 14. While earning a degree in natural history and a minor in environmental education at Arizona’s Prescott College, he spent several months a year living out of a backpack. Dan has ways felt the most at home in wild, quiet places. He loved sharing the magic of the natural world with the kids he guided on wilderness trips throughout his college years and beyond. Canadian domain name disputes over domains that end with .CA are governed by the CIRA Domain Name Dispute Resolution Policy which is based on the UDRP. The UDRP is designed to provide a streamlined process for adjudicating domain name disputes regarding all generic Top-Level Domains and some country-code Top-Level Domains . Tap into the technological side of things with educational projects and games. Stay close to your customers with our fully geolocated infrastructure in Quebec or around the world. Get a better response time for your online services and visitors. Built primarily to increase your productivity and simplify the administration of your online services. Arranging of contests, namely singing and performing contests; entertainment services, namely conducting contests, namely singing and performing contests. Vehicles; apparatus for locomotion by land, air or water. Precious metals and their alloys and goods in precious metals or coated therewith, not included in other classes; jewellery, precious stones; horological and chronometric instruments. Beers; mineral and aerated waters and other non-alcoholic drinks; fruit drinks and fruit juices; syrups and other preparations for making beverages. Clothing for sports, in particular compression clothing. The registrant will abide by all applicable laws regarding privacy, data collection, consumer protection , fair lending, debt collection, organic farming, disclosure of data, and financial disclosures. You acknowledge that you have read and understood and agree to be bound by the terms and conditions of the policies of the CNNIC, as they may be amended from time to time. NO THIRD PARTY BENEFICIARIES. This Agreement shall not be construed to create any obligation by either Tucows or Registrant to any non-party to this Agreement. Enforcement of this Agreement, including any provisions incorporated by reference, is a matter solely for the parties to this Agreement. INCONSISTENCIES WITH REGISTRY POLICIES. In the event that this Agreement may be inconsistent with any term, condition, policy or procedure of an applicable Registry, the term, condition, policy or procedure of the applicable Registry shall prevail. Many online shops have the number 24 in them, to signify 24 hours a day – you may be able to integrate numbers into your domain in a meaningful way to make them unique. Be careful though, because many cultures attach a lot of significance to certain numbers. Make sure that your number doesn’t represent bad luck or other negative things in the country you’re operating in. A website builder package is suitable for those who want a project with at least two subpages. Those who want to be able to control and adapt their website in a competitive field will find a website builder to be ideal. One possibility to increase trustworthiness is to look into premium domains. These are already owned domains, and will cost more than a usual domain registration, because they are perceived to have a higher value. These domains can cost thousands, but it may be worth it because of the apparent authenticity. It’s good to decide early on if you want to have a brand domain, or a keyword domain. The benefit of a brand domain is that your domain will most likely be considered as trustworthy, and immediately shows visitors that it’s linked to your business or personal blog. A keyword domain, on the other hand, has the advantage that it is better optimized for search engines, and therefore will get higher search results.

The intent was to bring backpacks, because there weren’t supposed to be any duffel bags left; apparently the box was mislabeled. Harry leads an organization called Rotary Cares For Kids, which distributes duffel bags and backpacks to young people in need, particularly foster children. He also wants Rotary clubs throughout the district to be able to mobilize groups of members to do “Saturday morning” types of projects like painting, repairs and the like at foster homes. On Friday morning the Communications Committee met at 7a at the Alaska Bagel Restaurant. Present were myself, Jeff Blake, Rich Dyson, Chris Wolpert and Tony Freije. We enjoyed fellowship and discussed what is upcoming for the committee. Chris is going off the board this year; he is the person who has faithfully published the Eastwind every week. We also discussed how we might assist Carolyn Jones with the Mulcahy project, a multi club project which involves placing a Rotary ad on a section of the outfield and various other activities to promote Rotary at the Glacier Pilots ballgames and beyond. Notwithstanding the other provisions in this Agreement, the Registered Name Holder agrees that this indemnification obligation shall survive the termination or expiration of this registration agreement. The Registered Name Holder/Registrant agrees to submit to proceedings commenced under ICANN’s Uniform Domain Name Dispute Resolution Policy (“UDRP”) and to proceedings commenced under ICANN’s Charter Eligibility Dispute Resolution Policy (“CEDRP”). Registrant shall accept liability for harm caused by wrongful use of the domain name, unless it promptly discloses the licensee’s identity and current contact information to a party providing the Registered Name Holder reasonable evidence of actionable harm. Registrant represents that it will secure the agreement of any third party to the terms and conditions in this Agreement. This Agreement will remain in effect during the term of the domain name registration as selected, recorded and paid for at the time of registration or renewal. Should the domain name be transferred to another registrar, the terms and conditions of this Agreement shall cease. Finding the right domain name is the first step in building a website that people return to time and time again. Buying a good domain will inevitably boost your online presence, and therefore boost your success as a business or blog, for example. Although it may seem like an investment of time as well as finances to build up a good domain, it’s worth the effort. Content management systems such as WordPress offer a good platform to build up a blog – IONOS offer a WordPress CMS package, which includes a free domain for the first few months to get you started. Another option to help you get you on your feet may be a website builder – this service is offered by IONOS. The Government said that as of September 13th, one dose of vaccine will be required for entry to these settings and that by October 24th, entry will require people to be fully vaccinated. This module provides a concise summary of selected Canadian economic events, as well as international and financial market developments by calendar month. It is intended to provide contextual information only to support users of the economic data published by Statistics Canada. In identifying major events or developments, Statistics Canada is not suggesting that these have a material impact on the published economic data in a particular reference month. The Ajijic club was very appreciative of the opportunity to learn about the very cost-effective way to get clean water to people who otherwise would have to purchase purified water or just drink bad water. And then head on over to the Food Bank for the party and festivities. This event is to celebrate the many years the Mobile Food Pantry has been serving the community and to thank all the volunteers that have helped with the distributions over the years. In addition, since the original MFP truck has entered beer truck heaven, you’ll be able to view the new Rotary Wheel emblazoned food truck that will be taking its place. The event will include live speakers, volunteer recognition, party favors and plenty of food and beverages catered by Qdoba. You will not want to miss out on all the fun and be a part of history as we celebrate a great success for helping those in our community that need food assistance. It is a testament to what being a gift to the world truly means and proof that Rotary Serves Humanity.

Anchorage East Rotarians in Idaho

Zoe invited a rebound exchange student, Andrew Kagerer, who just returned from a year in Indonesia and is the son of AER member Barbara Kagerer, to attend our meeting and provide moral support. Last week’s Who’s Coming to Dinner event was an evening full of food, fun, and friendship. Karen and her family provided a very warm home and a gourmet spread of fresh halibut and the best chicken you’ve ever tasted. It was a great opportunity to get to know our fellow Rotarians without having to race back to work in time for that 1pm meeting. A big thanks to Rayli Wilson for organizing it and to Karen Smith and her family for being outstanding hosts. Using our District 5010 grant funds, on November 4, 2017, in partnership with the Vancouver Sunrise Rotary Club, we distributed 85 family water filters in El Refugio, Cabo Corrientes, which is located two hours south and west of Puerto Vallarta. Anchorage East Rotarians Bruce Phelps, Sandra Wicks and Duff Pfanner helped with the distribution, along with a couple from the Vancouver club. On January 10 we will distribute another 85 water filters in the same area as not all families attended the November distribution which also included several neighboring communities. The AER Grant funded programs in carpentry, knitting, art, and jewelry . Students can sell their wares but more importantly, it helps students graduate, learn English, and get good paying jobs and continuing education. These are kids and adults who have no other opportunities. AER can be justifiably proud of the support they have provided to make life better for a great bunch of the Santiago community. Presented below is a chart that shows five options for providing work-based learning experiences for high school students. Please consider the way you and/or your business might be able to provide positive work-based learning experiences for students. Melissa “Melly” Burger recently graduated from East High. She was involved in the Interact Club for most of her four years of high school. Always enthusiastic about the various service projects with which the club members got involved, Melly was usually the first to sign up as a volunteer. She brought many ideas to the meetings for new service projects. Last year, Melissa accumulated enough volunteer hours for both her efforts in Interact, in other school organizations and in the community to win the bronze Presidential Volunteer Service Award. She is shown here wearing her new medal and proudly displaying her certificate. These young people may have little knowledge of Rotary at the beginning of their year abroad, but after one year they should be able to speak well about our program and be an ambassador to others. We have the Interact and Rotaract clubs which they can join, and ultimately they can move into being members of a Rotary club. Thus our youth exchange program can be viewed as a way we bring in new members to our organization.

Governor Fejes was so impressed once again and will be visiting in the near future to provide support. On Tuesday February 12, 2019 the West High Interact Club met and moved forward with their project to aid homeless students in their school. Past District Governor Harry Kieling will be attended the meeting this coming Tuesday and he has worked to deliver backpacks to them for distribution through the appropriate channels. The club may become involved in the planting, weeding, watering segment of our Garden Box Project, which is a district grant which brings together several clubs including Anchorage East. Past District Governor Kieling arrived there with 16 backpacks from his Rotary Cares For Kids project. The idea is the club members will find other things to add to the backpacks, such as water bottles and a school tee shirt, and then coordinate with the school registrar to distribute the backpacks. All 24 of Lebanon’s Rotary clubs came together — overcoming religious, cultural, and political divisions — to form partnerships with the government, World Vision, UNICEF, and the Red Cross. Together the groups developed a program that delivers clean water to every public school in the country. Rick Mystrom auctioned off the No Fine Button to Jay Jackson for the sum of $100. Jay used the NFB, together with $10 in happy dollars, to announce that her organization Helping Hands for Nepal is now in its 20th year. The organization started with helping with eyecare, but over the years has moved into areas like scholarships and water projects. Jay just returned from seven weeks in Nepal, and is grateful for the toilets, clean water and clean sheets that most of us expect to find in the West. She went on a 1,000-mile road trip during her visit, from high elevation to low elevation. She invited all of us to consider joining her in January when she makes her annual trip. She assured us there is always work to do, and we shall be made very welcome by the people there. As a thank-you to the many Anchorage East Rotarians who have volunteered at Baxter Elementary School in support of their ongoing reading project, the students gave to us this very thoughtful and unique thank-you note.

Rotary English Camp

Don’t be shy – just send them to Chris Wolpert at and he will gladly make sure your stories (and photos!) are made available to our membership. As a reminder, material needs to be about you or you family or another club member. And one last note – keep your stories to no more than 250 words and a maximum of 4 photos. On February 7, 2018, Bruce Phelps and Sandra Wicks delivered the last water filters purchased with AER’s district grant to people in two small communities down a long dirt road in the county south of Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. Fifteen filters were delivered to serve 40 people and to the school in Agua Caliente, and 16 filters were delivered to serve 50 people in Bioto. Many thanks are due to Aide Olivera who lives in El Tuito for driving us to the villages in her truck and acting as our go-between. In all, with our district grant this year, we were able to deliver 116 filters to serve 343 people, 4 schools and a free dental clinic. While Kristen and I were in India, we attended the New Delhi Rotary eClub and were invited to participate in one of their club’s projects which is supporting the Auxilium Snehalaya Girls Orphanage. We met with Sister Grace, the Orphanage Administrator, and were able to help distribute games, writing materials, and treats to the girls who range in age from 4 to 17. The Rotary Club donated fruits, vegetables, bags of rice, and other much needed staples which we helped to unload and store. Kristen and I were happy to make a monetary donation as well to support this orphanage with many needs. The girls seemed happy, well nourished, and grateful for the opportunity to go to the nearby school. It is such an honor for me to belong to Rotary knowing the good Rotarians do throughout the world. Last Friday I enjoyed spending some hours at the airport with a group of Rotarians who are passionate about youth exchange. I helped greet about 5 – 10 exchange students from around the world, including our own Adam Szabo from Slovakia. Rick Allen, Adam Sikorski and I attended the meeting of the Palmer Rotary club which every year takes place on the grounds of the Alaska State Fair. The meeting went longer so there was a chance for people to talk about their club activities. The Rotary theme for September is New Generations Month. This is the month when Rotarians all around the world focus efforts on supporting youth and Youth Programs. Listen to their ideas about how Rotary can assist them to make a better world? Take the time to discuss the great Rotary programs for youth, in particular the youth exchange program? There are opportunities for us to make a real difference to the lives of many young people.

She was responding to the card our club mailed to her after the death of her husband. When I joined AER, I met a pool of people passionate about making a difference. During my Rotary-introduction coffee talk with President Dave, we spoke about where Rotary was going organizationally and how our local club operated. Human trafficking was discussed and I brought up child trafficking, a cause I am passionate about fighting. Note that lunch this Wednesday will feature a Chicken Fajita buffet. Below are two of the group photos after filters were assembled on buckets brought to the distribution point by the “mothers-in-charge”. If you did not see the presentation and would like to, contact Sandra () to learn more about the project. He experienced “Trick or Treat in the Heat” the next day and is ready to celebrate Halloween for the first time in October. We had 7 members and a total of 10 people that came and played Bingo. Heather, the manager of Tudor Bingo, made an announcement and thanked Anchorage East Rotary for their continued support. His adventure began in Willow this weekend for the Exchange Students Orientation. He would love an Alaskan license plate to wear on the back of his jacket. If you have one for him, reach out and we’ll “pin” him on Wednesday.

David’s support will include transport to the medical center and being Dave’s golfing partner. Craig Bledsoe was happy to transport a number of people from Anchorage to the Iditarod Restart at Long Lake over the weekend. I recalled again my highlight to see Carolyn Jones disburse gourmet chocolate to lucky rookies as they raced by. Justin Mills was $3 happy to be one of 10,000 people admitted to participate in the New York Marathon in November. Michelle Tabler was happy to be back from 2 weeks in the Phoenix, Arizona, area. She had planned to visit a Rotary club there but then found out the club decided to Major League Baseball spring training.

Overall, with AER help, FBOA distributed about 1.4 million pounds of food to 30,327 families. Visiting Anchorage South Rotarian Ross Johnston auctioned off admission to an upcoming event to Marilyn Porter for $50. The event is Accelerate Alaska, August 29 – 30 at the Anchorage Loussac Library. Sally Archer gave a happy dollar and expressed well received thoughts about the role of bringing new members into our club. Stay tune for next event social event scheduled for September 10 at 2 Friends Art Gallery. I spoke with one of the presenters at our last meeting, encouraging her to consider Rotary. She said she is on the road about 8 months of the year and it would be hard to attend a “brick & mortar” meeting. Very early Friday our outbound student flew out of the Anchorage airport to Poland, his host country. Our club also supports Interact at East High and they will soon be starting up their year. I checked out 2 Friends Gallery and it looks like this will be a nice venue for our social event on September 10. Janine Becka will collect all payments during our lunch meetings. I donated 150 of my Foundation recognition points to Adam Sikorski for his outstanding support of our club in a number of different positions. Countries with high literacy rates are extremely prosperous and the citizens have a high per capita income. On the other hand, in African countries where the literacy rate is not as high, a number of people are still living below the poverty line. No matter how much we hate waking up early for school or studying all night for those tests and exams, we all know that education is very important. I am not saying that an uneducated man has no chance of being successful or that an educated man will surely do well in life. However, an educated person gets better opportunities in life. Did you know that more than 750 million people over the age of 15 are illiterate? And, that number will increase when the 250 million children who do not possess basic reading skills become adults. Illiteracy traps people in the cycle of poverty and costs the global economy an estimated $1.2 trillion each year in lost earnings and productivity. Anne Garrett, co-chair of the International Committee, announced an upcoming meeting about the planning for the Philippine trip, which will be at Bahay Kubo, 3020 Minnesota Drive, September 28, 6p to 9p. Paul McGuire and others including Michelle Tabler, Heather Flynn and Duff Pfanner said goodbye and thank you to Tam Agosti-Gisler, who with her husband Hans will be living and traveling in Europe for the next period of time. Paul was particularly eloquent and passionate with his remarks about this great Rotarian. Our speaker today was the first to choose a charity to which our club will donate $50 in her name. Mary Rohlfing pitched our upcoming social event at the Alaska Botanical Gardens on October 4. David Kester modeled what kind of scarf might be created that evening. Will Criner from the ABG gave details of how wreaths that evening can be made weaving things onto old bicycle rims. Posted are some photos of Adam learning the art of grilling (courtesy of instruction provided by Anne’s husband), Adam sporting his new East High sports jacket, and a few others. Paul McGuire auctioned off three bags of crab apples from Jeff Blake’s tree. Heather Roach is an extraordinary teacher with approximately 24 years of experience.

After many years in the hospitality industry, Mark took his passion for helping others to New York Life where he enjoys working with his clients on their protection and retirement needs as a Financial Services Professional. Mark currently serves on the Board of Directors for Lutheran Social Services Alaska and as an elder at his church, is incredibly mediocre at golf, and loves spending as much time as possible with his wife Katherine and their two daughters, Amanda and Madeline. We shall not have regular Wednesday lunch meetings on December 26 or January 2, which allows us to spend more time with our families and loved ones. On Thursday there was no reading project at Baxter Elementary because ASD was closed. Anne Adasiak – Andrew reported our exchange student Adam Szabo thought the earthquake was great. At the meeting of the Community Service Committee, thousands of dollars in grants were approved which will improve the lives of many in our community. The Solstice Tree Tour last Sunday was remarkable to me because all the hundreds of people I saw on the Mize Trail appeared happy and thankful. The very recent and abundant snow boosted everyone’s spirits, but I sensed a feeling of community and joy among all the people. There will no meeting of the East High Interact Club on tomorrow December 19. Last week the club met on Monday (we didn’t get word of the change in date and did not show up), and next year plans to have its first meeting Monday January 14, and Mondays thereafter. On Tuesday evening December 11, the Community Service Committee met. Present included Laurie Hoefer, Rebecca Sentner, Sandra Wicks, Christian Deykes, Duff Pfanner, Bruce Phelps, Heather Flynn, Reed Smith, and your truly. Approval was made of grant applications by Partners’ Reentry Program ($3,000), Campfire ($3000), Junior Achievement ($3000) and Anchorage Opera ($3000). We need another tent, perhaps with an East Rotary logo on it. Shirley Nelson announced that the Baxter Elementary reading project continues tomorrow. I was in touch with Mary Rohlfing about our member Gene Furman. The club holds money from him which is meant to honor an accounting student. Mike Zahare, chair of the Foundation Committee, will look into finding such a student, and we shall plan towards the end of my year to invite Gene to a club meeting to make the presentation. Sergeant Rich mentioned that he will resume a monthly auction of the No Fine Button, starting at the January 9 meeting. The effort to auction off the NFB on a weekly basis has not been a success. By the way, I just visited the West University Rotary Club in Houston. A past president told me about their principal fundraiser, a flag project. Four times a year they erect about 1600 flags around Houston. Each recipient pays $75 per year, and each flag is about 2 feet by 3 feet, or larger.

  • On Thursday I gave Jennifer Hile’s PH+1 pin to her mother JoEllen Weatherholt at Wells Fargo.
  • The family left in the pickup truck they had paid to bring them1.5 hoursfrom their community to the distribution site.
  • You have the right to change the billing contact or proxy and to pay the registry, DK Hostmaster, directly.
  • Clothing, namely, men’s woven shirts, loungewear, swimwear, men’s work shirts, active wear, namely, shirts, pants, jeans, jackets, coats, underwear and socks, athletic pants and shorts, boxer shorts and fleece jackets.

Cosmetics and makeup, hair care products, namely, shampoos, conditioners, gel, pomade and other styling preparations; skin care products, namely, body wash, shower gel, shave creams, moisturizers and skin tonics; and perfumery. Our exchange student Adam Szabo has just arrived for the year. He has gone golfing at least twice, and he was on the Segway Tour social event last month. He may participate in the Shelter Box project this year. At lunch last week a member who had hosted him pointed out his English is excellent. Another topic of interest at the presidents’ meeting was the satellite club concept. The idea is to have meetings outside of the traditional weekly meetings, which may attract more members for who the time of the “regular” meeting does not work, younger prospective members and spouses of members.

Any such breach by Registrant shall not be deemed to be excused simply because Tucows did not act earlier in response to that, or any other, breach by Registrant. Tucows, ICANN and the applicable registries shall not be liable for any lost profits, revenues, or data, financial losses or indirect, special, consequential, exemplary, or punitive damages. Because some states do not allow the exclusion or limitation of liability for consequential or incidental damages, in such states, liability is limited to the extent permitted by law. ICANN REQUIRED DISCLOSURES. Domain name registration requires sharing the Registrant’s information, in whole or in part, with the applicable Registry Operator and with ICANN. As required by ICANN, this information must be made publicly available by means of Whois, and the Registry Operator also may be required to make this information publicly available by Whois. Both Tucows and the Registry Operator may be required to archive this information with a third-party escrow service.

I helped a first grade teacher with one of her learning centers. Our committee did challenge people to set up a periodic donation in any amount at My Rotary. The members who have done so are in the running for a drawing for Alaska Air Miles. Setting up a small periodic donation, say monthly, is a way to contribute substantially to Rotary over time. Discussion was had of plans for the collection and distribution of food for hungry families at Christmas time, and several opportunities to serve in the community.

Craig Bledsoe was one of the lucky high bidders who provided funds for Zoe’s West Coast tour. AWAIC, Clare House, the McKinnel Shelter, and Covenant House are in need of toiletries for their clients. Member are encouraged to bring shampoo, conditioner, lotion etc. to the weekly meetings and they will be distributed to the above organizations. Often times our fellow Rotarians travel and are able to collect travel size toiletries from hotels but regular size products are needed as well. Santiago Foundation awarded grant from Rotary Foundation. The Santiago Foundation operates community centers in two small villages outside Manzanillo, Mexico. In addition to elementary and secondary education for orphaned and abandoned children, technical skill development is provided for adults to improve employability. This year the fundraising goal for Anchorage East Rotary is $42,000. We can accomplish this goal through the generosity of club members donating directly to the Annual Fund and through a successful gala/auction on January 31. Last year approximately 60% of our goal came from the results of the auction and the rest was from your direct contributions. To contribute directly you can pick up a form from Janine when you come to a meeting or you can go directly to your My Rotary account, sign in and choose “Give” on the upper right of the page. By signing in to My Rotary, you will find that your information is populated in the form and you can be sure that your donation is credited to you and to Anchorage East Rotary. By now, most everyone has endured one of my happy-dollar announcements about outdoor adventures or my referencing a committee that gathers around beer. As of Monday, 15 people have RSVP’d for dinner, which leaves only 5 spots left. Milena holds a Bachelor’s degree in International Hospitality and Tourism Management from Bournemouth University which she obtained from the campus in Neuchatel, Switzerland. She lived and worked in Switzerland for six years and graduated with students from 26 countries. She loves meeting people from different countries and learning about their traditions and culture. Milena is fluent in French and can also communicate in Spanish, German, Portuguese and Swedish. Today it’s my role as father and creative person of color living in the context of a global digital community that I value most. I feel like my journey in life is to delve into how my experiences differ from that of others. That narrative surfaces in my personal work as an artist through the people and places I meet and has become central theme to the work I produce as a publisher of hand-made books. Our Student and Teacher of the month in December from Bartlett High School were at a recent meeting to receive their recognition. He is a Senior from a military family and has lived many places. The teacher was Creed Campbell from the Social Studies Department. Please attend the District Conference in Seward where on May 19th, we will celebrate our district’s accomplishments and will honor a long time PolioPlus Champion and fighter of the disease, John Diesher. There will be plenty of food, fun and dancing as we continue the countdown towards making polio history. Also, we will have an international Committee meeting next week date/location TBD to review these surveys and the data from the meeting. East Interact Club participated in Operation Gratitude, a national program that sends care boxes to active military and wounded warriors. Interactors knitted and crocheted 31 scarves with donated yarn from the community. Far North yarn shop also collected and donated scarves made by the local community. Knitters of the North Guild also advertised for the project. Also, a thank you to East teacher, Heather Roach, for assisting in teaching Interactors how to knit. AER is pleased to be hosting Mr. David Pflieger, President and CEO of Ravn Alaska. In preparation for David’s presentation, he wants our membership to know that Ravn Alaska will be giving away two free roundtrip tickets to anywhere Ravn flies. To be eligible for the drawing, members will need to submit their business cards at the July 11th meeting. So please come prepared with your business card if you would like to participate in the drawing. Those attending the Rondy/Rotary Beer Festival Planning Meeting were quite surprised to have Governor Bill Walker drop in to say hello. He had been interviewed down the hall at the Channel 2 studios and wanted to come by and offer his support for our fun event for a worthy cause. During his visit, the committee decided to create the “Governor’s Choice Award” to be given to the Governor’s selection of the best beer at the Festival. It’s a new Rotary year and there is a new sheriff (Sgt-at-Arms) in town.

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