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Recently we have been hearing more talk from the government side that it is working on an internal trade agreement that will help the free flow of goods between provinces, including trade in electricity. Two years ago it came forward with a trade agreement that would break down the internal barriers to trade. It said not to worry, that by July of last year it would have the energy chapter all intact. When you are having your website redesigned or designed for the first time, the designer should check to see if your code is valid. It’s one of the easiest signs for you to know that you are in good hands with a professional designer. They’ll also check their own code for bloat and lag with the validator, so you’ll know you’re getting clean clear code in your new site and it’ll be small enough to load on even the junkiest mobile phone! With W3C validation you’ll be able to sidestep the most esoteric code errors before they end up on your website, and you’ll be able to put a professional face forward.

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This is a matter which dates back long before the days when the Reform Party was in politics. It was a matter of great concern and sadness before I ever thought about politics. We have told all ethnic groups that they are very welcome in Quebec, that they have the right to vote against or for sovereignty. I would like to add that question to the previous question. It seems to me that if the province of Quebec no longer exists and becomes a country, whatever name they choose to call it, then it is necessary to re-establish contracts and certainly this contract with Newfoundland and Labrador. This 11th hour cancellation made it virtually impossible for a number of our members to present their items to the committee on their own behalf. Because of this change private members’ business would now start on March 18 instead of March 25. This in turn created another set of last minute scheduling headaches for a number of our members. Several of our members were counting on being able to present their items to the committee on March 19 and planned trips back to their ridings for most of that week. On Tuesday, March 12 our members were informed the meeting on the March 19 was cancelled and the committee wanted to report back to the House this week. Members were initially informed there were three days of hearings for the subcommittee on private members’ business of the Standing Committee on Procedure and House Affairs. These meetings were to start on Tuesday, March 12 and end on Tuesday, March 19. We have a plan over a term of years to deal with health, to deal with housing. I have crawled under those houses myself to see what was being constructed. When the Bloc gets under a house at Davis Inlet and looks at what is being done, then I will start listening to them. I have to wait until the end of the question to see if it is in order.

On the question of maternity benefits, as the hon. member says it has the component of taking care of the child. It also has the very obvious and significant element of taking care of the natural mother as she goes through the process of childbirth. The chief of the defence staff has consulted with his predecessor, General de Chastelain, and other senior officers in the last number of hours. I can assure the House that there have been no plans drawn up. There have been no discussions authorized by the leadership of the Canadian Armed Forces for the eventual creation of two armed forces or the integration of a Quebec-Canada army. That would be totally inappropriate and unacceptable. To suggest that the Government of Canada is totally responsible for the situation in universities or post-secondary institutions across the country does not really indicate where the responsibility lies. It lies with the provinces, which have jurisdiction. With respect to the re-entry qualifications I want to make it clear that they apply across the board to all new entrants or re-entrants. We will take into account any special circumstances. Again there I understand the honourable member’s comment about the need for mothers to take extended periods of time to deal with the rearing of their children. I expect the committee will be making suggestions and recommendations on this and a number of other areas. However, as far as the contract is concerned, it was signed by two firms, not the government, and it is valid. There is no injustice, and it takes a lot of nerve to call the contract unjust. In other words, we Quebecers are penalizing the people of Labrador, because a contract was properly signed. Even the Supreme Court says this contract is valid and meets the required standards, and must therefore be adhered to. My colleagues from the Reform Party, who don the garb of ardent defenders of federalism for a day, should understand that provincial relations is a matter for the provinces. I am still surprised that my colleague has tabled this motion in the House. In 1988, another Supreme Court decision confirmed the primacy of the contract signed in 1969. I would like to give a brief historical outline. I could go back to George V, but I will start in 1963. At that time, Hydro-Quebec said that it was prepared to buy all the electric power produced at Churchill Falls, provided it could sell its surplus to Ontario. When the member says the hon. member for Fraser Valley East did not offer any suggestions, that is entirely inaccurate. She is correct when she says that there is a legitimate contract.

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The minister asks them to be satisfied with the TAGS program. First, the fishery is destroyed and then they are asked to be satisfied with some government handout. They need the federal government to quit taking them for granted. Even if he were to run, of course, I know the minister is good at raising dollars. If he wants to give me $25,000 to run against him, he should be aware that in the debate, in a battle of wits he is unarmed. The hon. member opposite has not stood in his place during question period over the last two and a half years supporting those efforts. He has criticized them; again my thesis that the hon. member opposite is playing cheap, nasty, dirty politics, which is typical of the leader of the Reform Party. I do not think we will ever see the day when there will be a referendum in which Quebecers choose to separate from Canada. We are simply speaking on behalf of the people who have been calling for redress for decades. This is nonsense that I am hearing from the member. He knows it and what he says is to serve his own political purposes. It is important for Ottawa to finally take a stand for the people of Newfoundland and Labrador.

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The Debates are the report—transcribed, edited, and corrected—of what is said in the House. The Journals are the official record of the decisions and other transactions of the House. The Order Paper and Notice Paper contains the listing of all items that may be brought forward on a particular sitting day, and notices for upcoming items. You’ll need a few things for a WordPress blog before you start setting it up. You’ll need hosting and a domain, and you can get these through HostGator, 1and1 and a whole host of other different web hosts. You can check around and find coupons to bump down the price of your hosting and domain. Whatever host you go with, make sure it comes with databases and supports PHP5 . You’ll want to make sure whatever design you go with can be rendered in all browsers on all devices. While a horizontal scrolling effect can make your site pop on a computer screen, you have to keep in mind your mobile device visitors, as well as people who just won’t think to scroll to the side instead of up and down. Whenever you’re designing your website, think about who is going to be visiting it. You don’t want to use dark colors for a trust seal website, or bright colors for a site that’s selling death metal CDs; always keep your audience in mind. Your website can’t take too much time to load or people will just give up and find somewhere else to get their information. If your website is slow loading look at how many different images are on the page and if the code is optimised. While images are great for SEO, you need to make sure you put a lot of text content in your website; ditch style for substance. If you have an existing site and you don’t want to suffer through a format change, you’re going to want to take a look at your existing navigation section. Are there things that are nested more than five deep in your navigation? It’s good to provide an in-depth navigation, but you don’t want it to be so long that at the flick of a mouse your visitors will have to start back up and try and find what they were looking for all over again. A sad fact of flash websites… they’re just not SEO friendly. They have strange URLs and half the time text can’t be indexed. Adobe, the developers of Flash, tried to resolve this but even they are on the HTML5 train with their AIR applications. Flash just isn’t supported like it used to be and even YouTube has switched over the HTML5. You want to have a modern website that’s going to play well with the search engines, that takes advantage of modern technologies and gets you ahead of your competition. To be fair there are a lot of beautiful flash websites out there, but they’re functionally crippled and if you want SEO done? If you want a website that will grow with you you’re going to need to go with HTML5, AJAX, and other modern technologies that will give you the advantage over your competition. Here we’re going to go over the disadvantages of Flash and what you can use in its place to get a beautiful functional website that is great for customers and search engines. Round the clock live chat to answer queries when you need it. Plenty of games with over 3800 titles, from the top providers. For over 10 years, has been a reliable source for Canadians to research and select a new casino to experience based on our in-depth reviews. Over time, we’ve developed quite the liabrary and we’ve listed all of them as a reference below. A customer wishing to borrow a wheelchair must go to the casino’s coat check. Loto-Québec scratch ticket distributors are not in operation at this time. Public transit and a taxi service are available at all times. We invite you to use them to get to the casino. The RFP issued for a destination casino project, to be fully funded by the private sector.

Its earning power would remain in place but Quebec would also be helping out a neighbour. It would be helping all the people of Newfoundland and Labrador to get back on their feet financially so they could get off government assistance and back to work. This would help build a prosperous future for their families right into the 21st century. 773 If Quebec still refuses to be a good neighbour, the federal government could act further. It could give the National Energy Board the power to open up Quebec’s transmission lines to allow export of electricity from another province. This would allow Newfoundland to channel electricity through Quebec lines to markets in the United States. Clearly Quebec has backed Newfoundland and Labrador into a very tight catch-22 position. It cannot develop the untapped resources of the lower Churchill Falls unless it gets an energy contract. It cannot get a contract without a way to transmit the electricity to the buyer. The people of Newfoundland and Labrador are extremely upset and even embittered over the contract.

In 2001, the Malta Gaming authority regulated the NetBet. Furthermore, you can find excellent games from leading providers. This contract cannot be changed without respecting the amending formula and the rights of every province in this Confederation. There is no right to separate unilaterally in this contract, despite what the Parti Quebecois and the Bloc Quebecois said at the time of the last referendum. There is no right to separate unilaterally, and that is the contract of this country. My party has been very clear in the debate this week about the fact that the rules of the game must be respected, that the rules of this Confederation must be respected, as with the whole issue of the communiqué to the Canadian Armed Forces. In the future, these contracts must be respected, and it is our intention to pursue this matter in the House. There are some inconsistencies between what is being put forward by the third party today, what its policy seems to be suggesting in this motion and what in fact it says on an ongoing basis. The Reform Party’s policy states clearly that the federal government ought not to have a role in the management of natural resources. It put forward a motion that suggested the federal government should intervene in it. Reform cannot on the one hand say we do not have any business there and then on the other hand say we should intervene. I understand the concerns raised by people who feel there should be as much opportunity as possible for nurturing a newborn child or a newly adopted child in those situations. I trust that my hon. colleague recognizes that, by changing the system to start counting from the first hour worked for everyone, women included, we have taken a forward step. We have succeeded in protecting many people and I am prepared, in due time, and in committee, to see that my departmental employees present all possible data to ensure that everything is clarified. There was plenty of positives from this Rabona casino review and with a good reputation for safe and secure gaming, it’s no surprise. A couple of issues that whilst aren’t enough to deter, should be corrected in future if they really want to compete with the best online casinos around. You can have all the games in the world with lightning quick payouts but it means nothing if your customer service team isn’t on the money. Nothing is more frustrating to players than compromising good game time for waiting for support.

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Casino games are fun, but ultimately they won’t change those feelings for very long — even if you win. If you drink alcohol at the casino, be responsible when gambling. Play with family or friends and have fun playing side-by-side and not always alone. Here are some tips to keep your play fun at the casino. In California, according to the California Council on Problem Gambling, problem gambling affects approximately 3.7% of the population, almost 1,000,000 adults. Gambling problems can affect anyone, anywhere, anytime, regardless of age, gender or race. There is hope and help for those who suffer from these problems. Born in 1996 under the name Juan Aebi’s WannaBee Honey, in Fort Fraser . “ And where we bee, is an hour west of Prince George, in a valley dominated by the Necha-koh, translated from our local Carrier native dialect as ‘lake-like river. Hotels near Halifax Stanfield International Airport Perfect for a late arrival or early departure.Visit Halifax Visitor info for a popular local city. Find more hotels in a city close to Casino Nova Scotia Halifax. Hotels near Halifax Waterfront Boardwalk Places to stay near another famous landmark.Hotels in Truro Find more hotels in a city close to Casino Nova Scotia Halifax. Featuring a restaurant, bar and views of city, Muir, Autograph Collection is located in Halifax, a few steps from Maritime Museum of the Atlantic. Set in the heart of downtown Halifax, Nova Scotia, only 689 feet from the Scotiabank Center, this hotel offers luxurious guestrooms, first-rate services and an award-wining restaurant. Direct access to our top content, weekly Movers & Shakers, e-magazines, and more. Third, I would invite the Speaker to check the remarks made only two or three minutes ago by the hon. member from Calgary who had the floor. He admitted hearing the hon. member for St. John’s West say no. It actually in its own campaign literature in Quebec used to show Labrador as a part of Quebec. The bases for their accusations are the following. I will point out several things I have heard referenced. The Reform Party is not firmly supportive of the current system of unemployment insurance, particularly as it relates to seasonal industry. The Reform Party does not fully support all the workings and objectives of the welfare system. The Reform Party is not the strongest supporter of TAGS, the strongest supporter of subsidies to the beleaguered fishing industry. I honestly do not know how some of these socialist Liberals live with this.

The government cannot afford to be silent any longer. If the Bloc Quebecois now considers the main residence to be a criterion for being a real Quebecer, people like Luc Plamondon, Mario Lemieux and Jacques Villeneuve do not qualify. The dredging of the Athabasca River must continue until this road is completed. I and my constituents do not understand why this road is proposed to the east end of the lake when a seasonal road already exists to the west end of the lake. He went under the auspices of the Canadian Executive Services Organization. These volunteers are skilled women and men, usually retired, who willingly share their lifetime of practical experience with those in the rest of the world who need it the most. Mr. Blender travelled to Guyana to advise a furniture supplier on manufacturing methods. He made a number of recommendations designed to improve product flow and quality and suggested types of supplies and machines and other equipment. “We believe only a groundswell or grassroots movement of some kind can truly heal this country’s wounds and avoid a separation of its people. Only individual Canadians of common purpose working collectively, massively, can make the profound impact that must be if this country is to survive”. When it comes to pouring money down sewers, the government is number one. No matter how much perfume it splashes on it, the vile odour of truth remains. Richard Monette, Berthold Carrière, Jean Gascon and Denise Pelletier are just a few of those Canadians with francophone backgrounds who have given so much of themselves to make the Stratford Festival what it is today. The festival is just one of many examples across Canada in which individuals from every culture and every language work hand in hand for the benefit of all. I encourage all Canadians to think about this and the many other examples of unity and tolerance that bless our great nation. A red ribbon panel of judges will read the essays on the merit of heartfelt expression and love of Canada. Together we will select winners in three categories to be announced on Canada Day. The three winners will join me for lunch in the parliamentary restaurant, enjoy a tour of the Parliament Buildings and witness question period from the gallery. CESO volunteer advisers are professional, skilled, generally retired men and women who share their expertise with needy businesses and organizations in developing nations. With more money in the pockets of consumers demand will increase and companies will need lots more employees. Businesses will create jobs when it is in their interests to do so, when they need more employees. Business has told the government how that can happen. Start running surpluses so that taxes can be reduced. The University of British Columbia and now the Nova Scotia Agriculture College in Truro are the only two degree granting programs in aquaculture in Canada. With the huge coastline of the Atlantic provinces, this is a bold step forward in partnership to educate our youth for future jobs in fish farming. The aquaculture science degree program will provide our youth with the opportunity to train in a sector where there is tremendous potential for economic growth. Another Reform member of Parliament in his determination to uncover failed attempts at regional development by ACOA resorted to exaggeration to try to make his point. The member attacked ACOA for giving $22,323 to a food research centre at the University of Moncton for a study to develop blueberry jelly for Mega Bleu, a company in Tracadie, New Brunswick.

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What she does not say is that there are other avenues the federal government could take to relieve Newfoundland of this burden. The member does not speak of those but the hon. member for Fraser Valley East certainly did and I will be referring to them later in my speech. The Reform Party plans to turn programs such as employment insurance and the Canada Pension Plan into personalized savings accounts or private insurance. That will not find support among the workers in Labrador. The Reform’s opposition to any active role by governments in economic development and creating new employment opportunities would indeed hurt the workers of Labrador. The Reform Party, which it says is a strong supporter of free enterprise, is questioning a contract which has been ruled valid by the Supreme Court. By raising this issue the Reform Party may be trying to mask its extreme right wing economic agenda which is not attractive to the voters of Labrador. I take great exception to the hon. member’s motion. Historically the federal government has been a firm supporter of Newfoundland and Labrador and its economic pursuits. I might remind the House that it was a Liberal government that negotiated Newfoundland’s entry to Canada. It is the nature of the Reform Party’s presentation that concerns me. Reformers came here saying they would do business differently, that they would play. The only reason they are here today is there is a byelection in Labrador. That is the only reason they would ever bring this forward. Quebec might say “there was a contract and they got us over a barrel. We are taking power at one twenty-fifth of the going rate and for doing that we are netting $800 million to $1 billion a year. We have them by the shorts and for the next 35 or 45 years we will take the boots to them and say they signed so suffer and live with it”. 752 not there only for the votes come whatever, but that they are also there because they deserve the right, as Reform Party policy states, to develop their own natural resources. The people of Labrador deserve much better than this. For 25 years they have sent off their electricity, specifically, and in return have received almost no benefits. They have had almost no infrastructure spending in their region. They do not have a passable highway through their region. They do not receive the tax benefits of a deal that is worth $800 million a year to Quebec. Yesterday during question period we discussed how a contract was awarded in Atlantic Canada but was taken away from a Halifax firm and awarded to someone in another province.

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Sometimes in the questions and sometimes in the answers members are taking, in my view, a little bit of licence. I would ask them to please try to compact the preamble to questions so the wait is not so long before I can intercede and make a decision. The community had a meeting a few weeks ago and they now have a second chief. However, Mr. Peltier’s term is for three years and he has not resigned. In the spirit of self-government, I am hoping the community will work itself through the process. We will nonetheless try to find, within these parameters, a way to co-operate with the provinces in order to help those who need the kind of support that a financial contribution to day care would provide. It will come as no surprise to my hon. friend to learn that several provinces, including Quebec, have expressed serious reservations about the appropriateness of federal interference in an area of provincial jurisdiction. I do not think there are ever any easy solutions to these questions. I hope my hon. colleague would understand there is at least that difference between the two situations of a natural mother and an adoptive mother, and the need to look at them somewhat differently.

Their team seems well drilled and efficient, so you’ll be back to it, quick-smart. Rabona also has a well-stocked live casino which is crucial to online success. Nothing will have you with that Vegas feeling more than the interaction with a professional croupier in real time. Over 30 different live Rabona games will certainly appeal to many players. The amendment deals with provincial rights concerning non-renewable natural resources and it includes forestry resources and electricity. The amendment states that provinces can make laws regarding the exploration for natural resources. Again, all provinces have this right, including Newfoundland. However, we have to do something because it has been talked about for 25 or 26 years with promises of more studies, talks and negotiations. If the people in Labrador and Newfoundland are told they have to pay 25 or 30 times more for the power to run their own homes and businesses than the selling price is for export, it is unacceptable. The people in Labrador deserve the right to develop and benefit from their own natural resources.

All crown lands within Newfoundland are owned by the province of Newfoundland. These ownership rights give the province the right to royalties from mineral developments such as in Voisey Bay, as well as for all oil and gas development within the province’s boundaries. The province also has the right to royalties from offshore oil and gas development such as Hibernia. The same would be true for any other similar projects brought on line. We have never said that we should pave a road from one end of the riding to another. We have never said that a paved road is going to be practical. It is never going to be practical to spend that kind of money. However, there could be a road that is at least serviceable, at least a gravel road, something the rest of us take for granted. They just tell people to take a skidoo and have a nice day. We could at least promise them not a paved road with shoulders but a gravel road that could be serviceable so that when the spring breakup comes they do not have to park their vehicles until July. We will allow the people there to suffer the consequences because the deal gives us $1 billion a year. If a deal was signed that would last three generations to the effect that Quebec will take the shaft for the next 65 years at $1 billion a year, would the member say c’est la vie, whatever? I hope he would be up saying Quebec is getting ripped off, that it is not fair and it is not just. If it is not just it needs to be addressed, which is what I hope the new premier of Quebec will do, address an injustice, something that is not fair. If that is not enough the federal government could take another step. Several suggestions were made by the National Energy Board in a study in 1992. If people in Atlantic Canada could live on studies they would have a very high standard of living. They have been studied to death and everyone tells them they all need help. Second, Quebec frankly refused to allow Newfoundland to build transmission lines on its soil in order to transmit that electricity to the New England states where it was to be sold. There is a contract, there is a deal and that cannot be denied. Once WordPress is installed, you’re going to want to make your first post! You’ll want to click on the “Posts” tab in the admin panel, and then you can fill out the title box and then you fill out the content box. When you’re done, you hit publish and you’re ready to go! If you ever want to edit or delete a post it’s just as easy as making one, all you have to do is pick the option and go. When you build your site, you want people to be able to find their way around! If you’re using a static HTML website, you may want to switch to something like WordPress; you’ll be able to have crisp clear navigation that helps your users find what they’re looking for and the search engines to get you indexed properly. Also known as AJAX, if you’re using too much of this in your code you’re begging for slow load times. Prioritise which code snippets are the most important and comment out things that are unnecessary to the design. If you’re not sure, ask your designer to take a look at it or check out the sizes by right clicking on the elements and clicking “properties” in your browser window. The purpose of design is to communicate an idea; if it’s not communicating an idea it’s just art and you don’t want a piece of art! You want a cogent design that helps you and your customers get stuff done. A real designer will help you get everything up and running, help you communicate and get your users where you need them to be. They’ll be able to bring your vision to life, and give you that edge over your competition that you need to survive in this competitive marketplace. A great website designer will be able to help you get the website design you need to capture the attention of your readers, but it will also be designed with user experience in mind.

It was just like the red book made promises to Canadians about their health care, their pensions and the GST. Reformers are right in that we have an economic responsibility as a government. We fulfil that economic responsibility very well. But what they forget and what they ignore is the fact that government has a second responsibility, a social responsibility. The people of Labrador and Newfoundland know very well that the Reform Party if given an opportunity to govern would spend its time strictly on economic affairs and would forget the social responsibility. That is what the future would hold if that party were in power. There is the whole issue of transfer payments from the federal government to the provincial governments. I know that my Reform colleagues across the way might suggest it should be equal for each province, but we feel a little differently over here. Areas of the country which are most in need require greater assistance than some of the other areas. That is borne out when we look at the fact that Labrador and Newfoundland has the highest per capita rate by which we provide transfers to the provinces. It is the way the Reform Party would want to see ended. The Atlantic Canada Opportunities Agency is working with community groups intending to foster economic development in that region. Has the hon. member stood in his place and said we need more of that kind of assistance and intervention by the state? His colleague stands in the House to criticize minister after minister who is trying to make money available for the purposes of economic development. The motion before us today deals with a contract signed on behalf of two corporations by very smart individuals who took months to negotiate and reach an agreement. The case was heard by the Supreme Court of Canada, and the contract declared valid. When I look back to 1867, when Canada became a country, the provinces were very powerful. Over the years, all their powers have essentially been picked off. We are not advancing the quality of the debate or trying to deal with the problems facing real people by trying to raise all kinds of unnecessary concerns. The requirement for new entrants into the system is not based on just the 52 weeks of the calendar we have normally applied it to.

  • This is often a problem for those with unstable employment, seasonal employment, and 68 per cent of such jobs are done by women.
  • The report was returned saying that it was a proper election of Jerry Peltier.
  • New Brunswick’s first casino will revolve around a lighthouse theme and be constructed to be reminiscent of some of Canada’s most popular resorts.
  • This is a matter which dates back long before the days when the Reform Party was in politics.

It has not been able to take advantage of its natural wealth. It is not good enough to say just live with it. Instead of being anti-poor regions of this country, instead of being anti-Quebec, instead of being anti-those who are less fortunate than you are, stand in your place and put constructive ideas before the House of Commons. Support measures which will help people who are less fortunate than you are as opposed to playing cheap political games. He made reference to one contract consummated by the Supreme Court of Canada which cannot be changed. The only reason he does that, as I indicated at the beginning of my remarks, is he knows it cannot be changed. No, he sets up a straw man, knowing full well what the Supreme Court of Canada has decided. If they really wanted to debate something that could be resolved quite easily they would have put some other subject matters on. They chose a particular contract, duly consummated between the Government of Quebec and the Government of Newfoundland. This has been adjudicated by the Supreme Court of Canada as being a binding, legal contract on the parties. To the hon. member from Fraser Valley East, is if there was one shred of concern for the people of Newfoundland and Labrador why did he not have the absolute decency to come to the Chamber and put before us a votable motion? That shows the strength of the conviction of the hon. member opposite. Some people in Newfoundland-not I-would say this is hypocrisy at its worst. The Government of Canada should be prepared to take some leadership in opening up the possibilities for this to be resolved. We have suggested some of those possibilities but we are not the government in power. We are urging, pushing and suggesting that the government must take the initiative. If it cares for Newfoundland and the development of Labrador it must take the initiative. It must adjudicate fairly to the interests of both Quebec and Labrador. It must take action to relieve this impossible situation. It is not only Churchill Falls that is the problem here. The problem is the blocking of a development which is waiting to spring up and benefit the people in that part of the country. The lower Churchill, the Voisey; there is so much happening there and this contract is a plug that will not allow events to flow through. When one signs a contract, one must behave like an adult. Those who represented Churchill Falls when the contract was signed behaved like adults, as did those who represented Hydro-Quebec. There is a duly signed contract between two private firms. If Quebec refuses to be a good neighbour and remains unwilling to mend fences between itself and Labrador, the federal government might consider a second position suggested by the National Energy Board. That option is to use section 58 of the National Energy Board Act to designate a corridor through Quebec on which hydro lines could be built by Newfoundland for the transmission of its own power. This could be done through an order in council. The federal government promised to create jobs, jobs, jobs. There is no place in Canada that needs jobs more than Newfoundland. However, for the last 27 years the federal government has failed to act on behalf of Newfoundlanders concerning this matter. It has failed to intervene and to guarantee one of the poorest provinces in the country its fair share of profits from the direct sale of power to the New England states. There would be prosperity in Newfoundland today. Twenty-seven years ago a 65-year contract was signed between the Churchill Falls Corporation of Labrador and Hydro Quebec. The contract requires that Newfoundland sell cheap power to Quebec from the gigantic hydroelectric project on the Churchill River until the year 2041 at pre-1973 oil prices.

  • Second, the hon. member says that we are satisfied with the status quo.
  • I and my constituents do not understand why this road is proposed to the east end of the lake when a seasonal road already exists to the west end of the lake.
  • A W3C validation check at the beginning of your code helps you know that your site is always valid, and if something becomes outdated you’ll be able to get it fixed quickly.
  • I wonder if the party opposite understands that this is an issue which has been given thorough examination by the House and by the Supreme Court.
  • WordPress is a great tool for anyone; if you’re opening your website for the first time or deciding to overhaul what you have, you’re going to love WordPress.
  • The amendment states that provinces can make laws regarding the exploration for natural resources.

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