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Being engaged in academic research for several years, I have learned that a theory that explains everything explains nothing. Theories serve as frameworks for testing research questions, and they should be modified or rejected based on research outcomes. The issue this raises about my approach to student comfort in the classroom is that my approach explains everything; it doesn’t allow me to be wrong or to modify my approach. Under my approach, any classroom behaviour or course content that could potentially cause a negative emotional response in any student would be off the table. Admittedly, this seems a bit over-the-top, so I wanted to test my theory to see if there could be any exceptions. A temporal relationship does not necessarily equate to a “causal” relationship, however. Tatter et al36 describe a case of “reoccurrence” of manic symptoms initially thought to be caused by an arteriovenous malformation 10 years after the AVM was successfully removed. The important point is that, although rarely, pediatric brain tumor can present with prominent psychotic symptoms. Shown to have a statistically significant association with psychotic symptoms, or patients’ symptoms consistently resolved when the condition was treated. We diagnose schizophreniform disorder, but John’s parents refuse to accept this diagnosis. They repeatedly ask if we can do more to identify a medical cause of their son’s psychiatric symptoms. His parents report that John developed normally until 3 years ago, when he gradually lost interest in his favorite activities and became socially withdrawn. He has no history of illicit drug use and is not taking prescription or over the-counter medications. Some of these are just pipe dreams but I tried to include a lot of characters I consider likely, too. Denevi, diagnosed with ADHD in the 1980s, traces his own experience with the disorder including a Ritalin-induced psychotic episode at age six. After learning that he won’t live much longer and must find a way to ensure his developmentally disabled son is taken care of after his death, a single father signs up as a census taker that makes them travel across the country. This t-shirt is everything you’ve dreamed of and more. It feels soft and lightweight, with the right amount of stretch. It’s comfortable and flattering for both men and women. Founded in November 2005 by Gillham, the team has involved about 40 students and currently has 15 active members who have worked on the robot shown above in a schematic drawing. Matthews Golf Classic annual event Monday, Grand Valley Golf Course, details online. Epidural analgesia is most commonly known as a pain relief for women in birth labor and older adult patients. It’s used to manage postoperative pain, procedural pain, trauma pain, or labor pain. The method is the procedure of administrating opioids and/or local anesthetics into the epidural space. We’ve all heard this advice, but it turns out that gut feeling is even more important than you may have thought. While it’s no surprise that gut health plays a crucial role in digestion, that is far from its only purpose. The urge to bite is not based in grooming behavior, but in anxiety, and a need to self-soothe. It is compulsive, and produces increased anxiety/spiraling when ignored. Will impose new linkage to the over stressed brain. I.Q.’s are equivalent to one’s ability to learn and process. Offers a 24hr helpline, ongoing counselling, drug and alcohol treatment in 15 different languages. Reimagining Recovery is offering free peer-led mutual aid meetings online every other day during the pandemic. Meetings are held over Zoom and discuss topics such as Trauma and Substance Use, Tough Times Toolbox, Trauma Memory and the Brain, Dismantling Stigma, etc.

Use our QR Code and your phone to access our online giving page quickly and securely. CIGI’s new building is centred around a quadrangle, giving new polish to an academic tradition. Inside the ‘vertical campus,’ a hot-pink stair provides a place to gather and mingle. The student lockers, in the background, were custom-made. I am here to listen and support you on your journey to better psychological, physical, spiritual and emotional well-being. Working with clients to achieve their utmost potential in each of these areas is my goal. Each journey is different and I am grateful to have the opportunity to be part of yours. My clients often come with years of broken relationships or an overwhelming sense of hopelessness and stuckness. They often have difficulty communicating or get trapped in unhelpful cycles that add further layers of hurt. They often wonder why they do things that hurt themselves and the ones they love most. They often deeply love Jesus, but secretly wonder if he loves them or can forgive them for what they’ve done. Most of all, they are exhausted from playing the game and longing to break free and finally move past their issues into new, healthier pathways that allow them to breathe with hope and belonging. ECT approaches the ecology of the human experience from an anti-oppressive approach. We identify that each person is unique, and the client is the expert in their problem and not the therapist. We approach the problem as separate from the individual; the problem does not define the person. We are open and empathetic to all lifestyles and backgrounds. The government intends to “enrich this specialized francization offer and improve the evaluation of students’ skills.” Socialize, debate, receive support, ask questions and much more. When I was first doing research on pinworms, I read that in America one out of 10 kids has pinworms at any given time. The free spins are a great way to try out your luck and see what kind of score you could make. You only have seven days before the winnings must be used, but it won’t take long for these funds in play! The maximum cash awards from any one game is £4 so there’s no need worry about running low on money too quickly while playing this bonus feature at Slots To Go. The 888 Ladies website has been approved by Great Britain Gambling Commission, which means that players can trust the site’s services at all times. That happens when you have 780 cookie jars in your collection. The couple live near Gage Park in a house of demure proportions. It’s just Earl, Kathy, the cat and the cookie jars. One sweet day, Earl Ross and Kathy Fader scooped 23 cookie jars at their favourite second-hand haunts. The future of the Church like its past and its present remains bright. This is evident in the numerous altar servers who display the enthusiastic discernment of the young and in the respectful devotion of their fathers and their mothers. Both maintain the traditions of the Christian way of life. Then there are the quiet words at the door of the Shrine. They are a memory destined to inspire somewhat like the parable of the seeds sewn on fertile ground. The parish community today is a tapestry of our Catholic faith.

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To dream of the fancy new house you’ll buy, all the places you’d travel to… There’s a difference, however, between buying the occasional lottery ticket and cashing your paycheck at the casino. Problem gambling leads to a variety of serious personal and professional problems including depression, bankruptcy, domestic abuse, fraud, theft, and homelessness. These effects are also detrimental to the addicts’ loved ones. This is why the Canada Safety Council treats problem gambling as a community safety matter and crime prevention issue. Gambling is one of the most crafty or subtle vices we can face because it gives the illusion of easy money. That of course, can lead to financial destitution. Whether it’s blackjack or bingo, gambling is a strong industry because the house always wins. A gambling addiction can also be difficult to recognize, not j … In my daughter’s case, her anorexia is very atypcial anyway and started after depression, anxiety and physical health issues as a child which kept her out of sports.

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Recently, Navi Dhanota, a PhD student at York University, launched a challenge at the Human Rights Tribunal of Ontario. She claimed that, contrary to the OHRC guidelines, York refused to provide academic accommodations to students unless they disclosed their formal Diagnostic and Statistical Manual diagnosis. The University relented and agreed to develop a new policy in consultation with Ms. Dhanota and the OHRC. Thanks to Ms. Dhanota’s efforts, students at York may now choose whether or not to disclose their diagnosis when registering for academic accommodations. The following video recordings provide information of physical therapy for persons with Parkinson’s Disease. Judy A. Jenner, MS, CCC, completed a Bachelor of Science at the University of Georgia and a Master of Science at the University of Louisville. She was elected to the Honor Society of Phi Kappa Phi and awarded the Graduate Dean’s Citation for 1978. Judy currently provides education, training, practice, and support in promoting and maintaining effective communication skills for persons with Parkinson’s Disease. The following video recordings provide an overview of management and options to address PD Related symptoms for persons with Parkinson’s Disease. Nine Waterloo researchers have received funding from the Canada Foundation for Innovation to perform work in such wide-ranging areas as knee injuries, drug treatments, car pollution and obsessive-compulsive disorders.

  • Anorexia told me I was never going to be good enough at anything else, and that if I gave up my gym career I would end up destitute.
  • Exercise started out innocently well intended for me.
  • I can also see how tricky it can be to be honest about what the motivation to exercise is.
  • For some, mental illness may arise from genetic or biological conditions in the brain.
  • WELLAND, Ont. — WELLAND, Ont. – Former Welland mayor Eugene Stranges has been paroled partly because he paid back more than $40,000 of the bingo money he stole, the chairman of the Ontario Parole Board said.

He had an assistant along with him, but her job was strictly to film the behind the scenes footage, Morgan handled the photoshoot all on his own. If you’ve ever lost an entire catalog of images to hard drive failure, you probably know how important it is to properly and securely back up your data. If you haven’t run into such a speed bump just yet, congratulations, but just because it hasn’t been an issue in the past, doesn’t mean you’re not prone to a hard drive failure in the future. Losing your images can be devastating, especially if you shoot a lot of paid work. Thankfully, a little forethought and planning can help prevent such a catastrophe. When it comes to lighting, a good quality light is almost always better than just having more light. Yet, when presented with a room in which an entire wall is made of windows, many photographers still choose to open the curtains all the way to flood the scene with light. Not that it always makes a bad photo, but there’s a lot to be said for pulling the drapes shut a ways and enforcing a little more control on the light. In the quick video below, wedding photographer, Cliff Mautner, shows us how to do just that. We all know how great the light is during those magical hours that surround sunrise and sunset, but knowing good light exists is only half the battle. Given that golden hour is so fleeting and the light changes so rapidly, you also need some camera skills and, most importantly, a little creativity to turn an ordinary photo into an incredible one. As Corey Rich explains the process he used to create the photo you see above, you begin to understand the real magic behind stunning magic hour shots is a combination of preparation, observation, and, of course, serendipity. Vision & Guiding Principles How do you replace an institution with an urban village? Lots of planning, imagination and a long-term commitment to serving patients, staff and the community. The Crisis is Real The Crisis is Real We are in the grips of a crisis that ruins health, threatens lives and hurts economies. Knowing the facts is the first step in creating hope. Planning Your Care Supporting Families Family members play an essential role the recovery of a loved one. Not suitable for children under 36 months due to small parts which may represent a choking hazard. Boinks Fidgets are great for fidgety fingers to slide the marble back and forth in this tight tube of fabric that can soothe anxiety and stress in the classroom, theater, airplane, office or anywhere one needs to keep quiet hands.

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The men of the parish formed what was called “The Holy Name Society’. They held monthly meetings, ran breakfasts with speakers, and did fund-raising for the new church with a very successful Tuesday night bingo. The men now belong to the Knights of Columbus and do very similar work. The ladies started a chapter of the Catholic Women’s League in 1952. They looked after the care of the Rectory and the church proper. They organized the first parish social, planned spaghetti dinners, potluck suppers, held garden parties, and organized church bazaars. Families in the community formed a bowling league where many enjoyable remembrances can be found. They youth joined the Boy Scouts or the Girl Guides groups that met in the church hall. Binge-Eating Disorder – Characterized by periods of compulsive over-eating. People with binge-eating disorder often feel that their over-eating is uncontrollable and may experience intense feelings of distress, depression, or guilt after binging. There are currently 10 diagnosable personality disorders that have been grouped together into three different clusters based on similar characteristics. Each disorder has their own distinct signs and symptoms, but also have characteristics that are similar to others included in the same cluster. Carlene Rimes, OTR/L is a 2016 graduate of Florida Gulf Coast University, where she earned her Master’s degree in Occupational Therapy and Bachelor’s in Healthcare Administration and Management. After being diagnosed with a brain tumor while in graduate school, Carlene directed her focus toward neurodegenerative diseases. In conjunction with recent neuroscience discoveries, she began to explore more innovative and groundbreaking approaches to therapy that integrated the latest developments in the field of neuroplasticity. Carlene creates personalized neurological programs applying innovative sensory strategies to facilitate neurological rewiring and enhance functional performance. As an educator, I am sensitive to the fact that there will be students in my classes who are experiencing similar struggles, and of course, I want to do whatever I can to make sure those students are comfortable. Like many educators, I have a strong instinct to care about people. To an extent, I can use introspection to predict what classroom situations might make students uncomfortable, but I understand there are innumerable situations that I cannot predict. So, since my undergraduate career, I have upheld that erring on the side of caution when it comes to student comfort in the classroom is the right thing to do. Under no circumstance should a student be subjected to an environment where they are at risk of having their psychological wellbeing threatened or compromised. Students who are not at risk of psychological distress in a university classroom are privileged, and that privilege should be extended to all students. Early in my role as an educator, I became attached to this idea and would argue fiercely in its favour. However, after working alongside educators who had different principles in mind, I was encouraged to reconsider my philosophy. As in John’s case, young patients or their parents may resist the diagnosis of a chronic mental illness such as schizophrenia. Understandably, they may be invested in trying to identify “medically treatable” causes. You can address their anxieties by showing them that you have systematically evaluated medical causes of psychosis. Do they think I am friendly, Or perhaps they see me as overweight? I’ll never forget the twin towers crumbling And those oil covered pelicans from the Gulf. The images of mayhem and disaster; So many wars and now climate change. BEAM is a 501 organization and its mission is to remove the barriers that Black people experience when accessing care for emotional and mental health. The Department of Mental Health offers a variety of e-health services such as a mental health quiz, a booking system, a mental health check up, and daily mental health articles/news. Created in 2009, Chat’s aim is to support young people (16-30 years of age) with mental health concerns by providing a confidential and personalized mental health check. Offers a variety of videos, a self-test for depression symptoms, and a variety of mental health focused articles. An online self-help program that aims to reduce depression and anxiety by learning about the symptoms and how to manage them through self-examination, the Mind Touch program, and program evaluation. Offers podcast, first aid kit for self-harm behaviour as well as first aid when facing suicidal thoughts, as well as where to get mental health care during the pandemic. Created by psychiatrists and volunteers in Bandug, West Java in response to the COVID-19 outbreak and to provide necessary mental health support services. Marti Wormuth has a Bachelor’s Degree in Sociology and a Master’s in Communication Studies. Her favorite activities include reading, playing games and hanging out with the students at her church.

The following video recordings provide information on planning persons with Parkinson’s Disease. This entry was posted in family, psychosis, youth. High-dose pulse corticosteroids have been reported to effectively treat SLE-related psychotic symptoms,42 although high-dose corticosteroids can also cause psychotic symptoms. The timing and character of the symptoms can help you determine whether using corticosteroids is helping or making the patient worse. Behavioral disturbances may be the earliest manifestation of an endocrine disorder.17 Cushing’s syndrome,18 hyperthyroidism,19 and hypothyroidism20—met our inclusion criteria. Don’t stop if you find one possible cause of psychotic symptoms; continue to the end of the algorithm. The more factors you identify, the greater your chance of finding a treatable cause that may ameliorate your patient’s symptoms. It is also a diagnosis of exclusion and of elimination – which means eliminating other possible causes before arriving at the last on list. Many experienced clinicians with diagnose it only with “with great reluctance” or exercising “extreme caution”, or after many years, not minutes. This diagnosis It is never one to be arrived at with greatest speed possible. Down below is where you will find some resources that I have provided to make a board. Instructions on how to set one up are also included. Of course, you can just make your own if you would like, as long as it follows the requirements. If five confirmed playable characters are in a row, congrats! If you get a row with four playable characters and one unplayable character , you will get an “almost” bingo. Both of these will be hard to get, but if you manage to get one, you will be very lucky. Every time a character is confirmed as playable, their square is filled with a green check. If they are confirmed as an Assist Trophy or Pokeball, an alternate costume, a stage element, a boss, or an enemy, they will be filled in with a symbol of a person in yellow. If they are deconfirmed, they will be filled in with a red “X”. Trauma has left Shirotani with obsessive-compulsive disorder. Kurose is a therapist whose help is showing promise but Shirotani’s growing attraction to Kurose threatens to derail his treatment. The estimated delivery date is based on your purchase date, the recipient’s location , the seller’s processing time and location, and the delivery company. The research focuses on biological nitrogen fixation, a process involving the conversion of dinitrogen to a more reactive nitrogen species, which is essential to life on earth. The work relies on forefront iron-nitrogen chemistry to raise understanding of biological nitrogen fixation. Warrior football camp for youngsters entering grades 9 through 12, June 24 (1 to 5 p.m.) and (6 to 8 p.m.) with Warrior coaches and players, fee $75, details online. Combinatorics and optimization 40th anniversary conference June 18-23, details online. WWE SummerSlam Tickets

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This blog is about the importance of recognizing exercise as a symptom of a restrictive eating disorder. Sadly, even through the importance of recognizing exercise as a problem in Anorexia has been documented for over 20 years, it is still slipping under the radar. Adam Corcoran is Golden Care’s Director of Business Development. Adam is familiar with the senior services industry as his mom was a Director of Nursing for a home health agency in New Jersey. He understands what it takes to deliver quality care since he was influenced at such an early age. His hard work ethic and dedication to serving southwest Florida’s aging population will be a key component of Golden Care long-term success. The following video recordings provide information for care partners of persons with Parkinson’s Disease.

Recovery from all of these issues (and we aren’t there yet – still ED cognitions although she is WR) for her has meant getting back into life and creating a life worth living and eating for. So, she has started a team sport and trains once a week and plays twice a week. The team aspect for her is new, exciting and important after so many years not being able to because of her physical illness. Working together as part of something bigger is new for her and reinforcing other positive connections. I agree team sport is likely safer than exercising alone. Both the training and 1 of the games are not always that intense and she often only plays 1/2 a game. She puts everything into the game but doesn’t mind unduly if they win or lose as she just likes the team spirit. If she plays less of a game than expected, it doesn’t bother her. If she can’t go for any reason, it’s a shame but not the end of the world. She’s widening her world in other non-exercising ways which I think is also healthy so life doesn’t become about sport or nothing. However, I do thank you, Tabitha, and others for the warnings. We are not complacent and just because sport doesn’t appear to be an issue now, it doesn’t mean it will never be; we know how ED can sneak in where it sees a crack. The very thought of not doing my walks, routines, exercise during the day could reduce me to tears. I think in a messed up way, my brain understood that my ability to eat was tethered to my movement conditions, and so it was terrified of not doing these things as it knew if I didn’t I would not eat. So I was scared of not meeting the conditions as I was scared that would mean I would not be able to eat and a part of me knew that was very bad news because I was already dangerously underweight. That was one source of fear — and a slightly more rational one. The other source of fear was tied into the “weight gain” fear which is utterly irrational as I never, ever liked being underweight. Anorexia gave me a very inappropriate fear response at the thought of weight gain. In 2020, Emily took on an important role transitioning to provide physical therapy services via Telemedicine to individuals with neurologic conditions.

I’m gonna be volunteering as a timer for the South Carolina Intersch… We’re looking for additional help around the race course on event days, starting with the September 12th race at Anne Springs Close Greenway! If any of my local bike buds are interested, lemme know & I can get you more info. Nail biting is a learned behavior, and yes,it is sense oriented. I would not call it a disorder, but instead a condition. It falls under Behavior Response Conditioning along with other titles, but I like BRC the best. There must be something wrong with my physical ability. With linkage restored, “the black cloud” is lifted from the brain. Expresses within the brain when depression presents. Great brains relative to damaged or faulty brains. All of her linkage is in place, funtionally ready. Only a woman has the ability to determine life form. Bullets streamed past our cockpits as the NVA gunners tried to bring us down. You try to get rockets onto him before he gets lucky and blasts you out of the sky. The ability to perform in stressful situations routinely. His ability to absorb and change are at their peak. At 11 years of age, their brains are connected one year advanced relative to boys. At 18 years of age connections are fully completed. Boys achieve similar connections at 24 years of age.

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Windows smashed after man loses bingo and judge tells defendant to grow up.

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Even worse, I was making a fair bit of money doing it. Anorexia told me I was never going to be good enough at anything else, and that if I gave up my gym career I would end up destitute. I know people also for whom AN started with exercise rather than food restriction initially. This doesn’t even have to be weight-reduction focused exercise. I know peeps who have innocently thought it would be a good idea to join a gym in order to tone up a bit who have developed AN due to unintentional energy deficit and weight loss. The following video recordings provide an overview of speech therapy to address PD Related issues for persons with Parkinson’s Disease. The following video recordings provide an overview of management and options to address mobility issues for persons with Parkinson’s Disease. The following video recordings provide information on treatment to address PD Related issues for persons with Parkinson’s Disease. The following video recordings provide an overview of medications available for management of PD Related symptoms for persons with Parkinson’s Disease. The following video recordings provide an overview of management and options to address PD Related issues for persons with Parkinson’s Disease. John’s parents are relieved to know that the case is not closed, even though we found no medical cause for their son’s condition. If more clinical data become available, we remain open to considering the possibility that medical conditions could be causing or worsening their son’s symptoms. Nanoforum Canada with talks on science, medical and engineering-related topics, Monday-Wednesday, Theatre of the Arts and other locations, details online. Risk Management and Insurance conference sponsored by Institute for Quantitative Finance and Insurance, Saturday, Math and Computer building room 2065, details online. Six keynote speakers including Paul Embrechts and Hans Bühlmann, ETH Zürich, and Peter Song, UW statistics and actuarial science. Kevin Dehlinger, executive director of Sportsclub Fitness & Wellness in the Upstate, said he and his staff are constantly creating innovative programs for people who want to stay fit, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic.

WELLAND, Ont. – A sentence of two years less a day, given last month to former Welland mayor Eugene Stranges for his part in a bingo theft scheme, will be appealed by the Crown in the Ontario Supreme Court. Ms Clark said no special conditions have been imposed on him. He must report to the police and his parole supervisor on a regular basis and must also consult the supervisor if he changes residence or employment until his term expires June 23, 1986. Ms Clark said Mr. Stranges ”had done well” in the halfway house but the parole board also considered evidence that his father was ill and he was needed at home. ”The board did not feel he needed further imprisonment or close confinement,” she said. The former mayor, who was sentenced to two years less a day on two counts of theft over $200, was released from The Wayside House, a halfway house in St. Catharines on Monday, following a parole board hearing into his case April 11. WELLAND, Ont. — WELLAND, Ont. – Former Welland mayor Eugene Stranges has been paroled partly because he paid back more than $40,000 of the bingo money he stole, the chairman of the Ontario Parole Board said. This website provides access to cannabis products and information. According to provincial law, you must be 19 years of age or older to view or purchase items on this website. Decide on the amount that you can afford to lose before you start to play. Only spend the money that you have set aside for your entertainment budget, not money that you need for bills, rent, groceries, etc. Only take out your set amount and leave your ATM cards at home. Gambling activities are designed to take in more money than the players win. If you win, enjoy, but remember it is not the norm. Gambling is risking something of value (e.g. money, time, possessions) in hopes of gaining something of greater value. Obsessive Compulsive Disorder – Characterized by intrusive and persistent thoughts, urges, worries, and images , followed or preceded by compulsive or “ritualistic” behaviours to reduce or suppress them. Generalized Anxiety Disorder – Characterized by persistent, prolonged, and excessive feelings of anxiety and worry. Just to add onto this, I was never severely underweight. I can also see how tricky it can be to be honest about what the motivation to exercise is.

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For their expansion of the Rotman School of Management at University of Toronto, they lifted a public space above ground – which draw people into the building. Kuwabara occupies an ambiguous leadership role among the partners; in 2006 he won a top honour for Canadian architects all by himself. And yet their recent projects list McKenna, Blumberg and even another colleague, Mitchell Hall, as lead designers. The firm has made concert halls, galleries, a centre for the Toronto International Film Festival, schools, a prison, condo towers, a winery, libraries, city halls. “What’s important to us is to be very consistently good,” Kuwabara says. “We’re a bit obsessive-compulsive,” Blumberg adds, “and it works for us.” Six years later, what came out of that discussion, and many others, is a building of great elegance. The Rotman School of Management expansion is a stack of perfectly proportioned boxes, dressed in a grey suit of zinc and glass, fitting deftly into a crowded block (and with a curving hot-pink staircase slicing through it). This week, it won a Governor-General’s Medal for Architecture – one of two this year for KPMB. More than a quarter-century after they started, this Toronto office, now led by Kuwabara, Marianne McKenna and Shirley Blumberg, has assumed an important place in Canadian culture, as city builders, mentors and advocates. But nothing about their work or their career has been simple. Just because restrictions are easing doesn’t mean we’re done with this pandemic yet. Particularly for those eager to fill up their social calendars, Abba-Aji cautions against being too reckless. Informing seniors about the risks of problem gambling is important, and promoting other types of recreational activities to nurture social interaction and reduce isolation. Some studies indicate that single men under the age of 70 and socially isolated, as well as women over 70 are at greater risk especially if access to a Casino is easy and frequent. After some time I got nervous that I was feeling them again (another unpleasant side effect of pinworms–OCD) so I just did another whole treatment plan with Paraguard and probiotics. There are 90-ball, 75 ball and 5 line games available for players who want to take their game up a notch. With tutorials on how they work so you don’t feel like a beginner all night long , there’s no excuse not to enjoy yourself with 888 Ladies’ wide selection of festivities. The 888 Ladies bingo site has become a mecca for those looking to take advantage of gambling bonuses and other promotions. The games bonus requires you to wager 50x the initial deposit. We think this might be a little too high, and would like it decreased slightly down to times are average for casino/slots bonuses in general. 888 Ladies is the go-to place for anyone who wants to make some quick cash. With 90 ball, 75 Ball or 52 Bingo you are sure find an option that suits your fancy as well as with Slingo slot games if slots aren’t really what get ya whipped into shape! And don’t forget about those welcome packages – minimum deposits will give way smoothly into generous winnings so it won’t take long before they’re spent again . Kathy fell in love with a jar with a rabbit in a floppy hat. Since then, they pack a lunch on weekends and hit flea markets, garage sales and second-hand stores. Shop owners call out “here come the cookie jar people,” and rush to show them Garfield the Cat or Shrek. Etsy Chatham-Kent has a wide array of local craft and artists who love showing their creative ideas to the world through the world of social media. Morena McDonald, admin was our guest on the show and gave us some examples of some the different things some of our local artisans create.

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